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Claim your Power: Astrology of Scorpio New Moon offers Powerful Emotional Shifts-24 April 2024 Horoscopes for all Rising Signs

The Full Moon in Scorpio, 24 April 2024 marks the closure of the eclipse season in Libra and Aries.

A Full Moon occurs when the Sun and the Moon are in opposite signs, in this case Scorpio and Taurus. Symbolically, it represents the culmination of energies, illumination, and heightened emotions. It's a time of fruition, revelation, and letting go of what we have outgrown.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars the Warrior Planet. It is the Yin, or Feminine and Water expression of the action oriented planet. Here, we can be plunged into the depths of our subconscious, confronting our deepest desires, fears, and transformations.

Mars, the fiery warrior, is currently transiting the dreamy depths of oceanic Pisces. Moving closer to an engagement with Neptune, the planet of illusion and spirituality. This conjunction, on 29 April, may ignite our passions and blur the boundaries between reality and fantasy, urging us to channel our energies into creative endeavours or spiritual pursuits.

The Sun, symbolic archetype of our conscious self and life purpose, is joined by Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus. Jupiter expands our horizons, bringing blessings and opportunities, creating order and offering wisdom. However, Uranus is known as a disruptor or awakener with unexpected twists and turns. Together, they spark innovation, breakthroughs, and a thirst for freedom. Sometimes seen as creating a Quantum Leap in the timeline, we often see significant shifts for the collective as well as personally. Often there are breakthroughs scientifically, medically, in technology and artistically in music and film etc, you get the idea. When you start looking for this, you see it every where around you, like this Scientific Breakthrough I posted recently.

We have also seen the recent flooding in many places, including the unlikely torrential rain in Dubai. With Saturn in Pisces in a Whole Sign sextile to this Aspect, our attention is being focused for a potential breakthrough in Climate action. We can only hope.

Watch out for taking unrealistic risks around this time or burning bridges that you may regret, but do say "yes" to opening doors and new opportunities you welcome even if the timing pushes you out of your comfort zone. That's the point!

There is also a square aspect between the luminaries (Sun and Moon) and Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld. This can bring intensity, power struggles, inner conflicts, and a call for deep soul excavation. It's a reminder that true transformation often requires confronting our shadows and embracing the alchemy of change.

Its not time to relax just yet after the intensity of Eclipse season.

Where will these Full Moon Illuminations affect you?

Read for your Rising Sign. If you don’t know your Rising Sign, you can read for your Sun sign but it will not be as accurate. If you know your birth time, you can visit a free website like or visit an App like Chani App * to create your chart and find out.

Please note, this is a general guide to the planetary placements. For a personal reading of your individual planetary aspects and an accurate guide, consult an Astrologer. I have readings available at Celestia Astrology.

Aries - You are stepping up into your personal power after the changes of the Solar Eclipse and Aries season. This may include illuminations from shared resources or karmic debts that have impacted your sense of self, health or appearance in some way. Own these changes and wield your power with responsibility.

Taurus - There may be shifts or revelations and new understandings in your personal relationships with this lunar cycle, this includes business and all close relationships as well as your intimate partner. Your inner world or dream life may become more intense and you may need more alone time to process. Pay attention to messages from your dreams.

Gemini - You may reach new understandings about your daily routines and health. What needs to shift or be released now? Your friends and communities are ready to support you and may be leading the way. Positive change will support your career, but with your Ruler Mercury currently retrograde, this may be an issue from the past that is long overdue to be addressed.

Cancer - Have you allowed yourself to have fun and relax recently? Where do you find your creative insights? Maybe there isn’t time for you while you are so busy nurturing the needs of others. Now is the time to nurture your own creative spark and lose yourself in the joy of wherever it leads you. It may be revealing something new you need to know about a new direction for your working life and career too.

Leo - Deepening understandings and emotional connections at home and in your ancestry or roots may be opened up at this time. You may be called to plan travel, or find inspiration through spirituality, higher study or philosophy. Those higher institutions that usually govern us hold a key for you to unlock what you seek to understand in your home sanctuary.

Virgo - Your local community and extended family are deepening your emotional understanding at this time. What needs to be released at this time may be held within your subconscious, from karmic ties and debt or shared resources. Working with the Full Moon and renewing your local ties and connections will help you. Your ruler Mercury is Retrograde so you may be processing past issues, take your time with this.

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Libra - You may receive insights into how your personal resources, your financial income but also any other resources which you have nurtured over time and which support your wellbeing, and your closest relationships are interacting and supporting each other. Emotions may run high, watch out for being on the receiving end of passive aggression. Make sure you stand in your power and advocate for yourself, as well as others as you integrate the changes from Eclipse season.

Scorpio - This is your time to shine Scorpio with the Full Moon shining her glory in your first House of Self. If you have been working hard to fine tune your daily routines and ensure your health appointments are up to date, you should be reaping the rewards now with a glowing appearance and renewed confidence. Stand in your Power! Use it wisely, of course.

Sagittarius - Your inner self is undergoing some deep change and you may be craving some alone time to process everything. Journal, meditate or track your dreams to help the Full Moon bring the insights and emotions to the surface for you. Children, romance or expressing your creative side may also help you to find an outlet and provide the key to unlocking your message from the Full Moon.

Capricorn - The Full Moon is illuminating buried emotions or insights around your hopes and dreams or friendship groups and benefactors. Have there been changes at home around the Eclipse that are having an impact on your plans? Maybe there have been changes in your family or they are on the way, time to redecorate, get the garden tidied up for summer or do that Ancestry research you have been planning.

Aquarius - What needs to change in your career, vocation or how you are seen publicly? Is is all you have hoped for? The Full Moon may be showing you now what is missing or needs to change. It is worth paying attention, the communication may come through IT, local community or your siblings and extended family and local schools.

Pisces - Are you feeling called to develop your further studies, into higher education or maybe explore spirituality or philosophy? Travel plans may be on the agenda. The Full Moon is illuminating what you need to know right now and showing up what you need to do to provide the resources for your plans to spring into action.

To help you navigate this time

- visit my Astro Mindfulness exercise for the Scorpio Full Moon

- Journal any new emotions surfacing or intense dreams

- Lean into ritual, light a candle or carry a crystal.

- Release tension or frustration

- speak it into water or tell the Moon

Intensity Scorpio Decan I Illustration by  @nicallanart

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