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Gemini Full Moon-The Chatty Twins Offer to show us our Shadow

Full Moon in Gemini, asking us to reflect and focus on our communications. You may find matters from the past returning for closure, or review as Mars meets the Moon while it Retrogrades. You may be asked for or receive an apology. Ensure you act with integrity so that you can let go whatever no longer aligns. Will you stop and look at your shadow when it is shown to you?

This Full Moon completes a 6 month cycle begun with the Gemini New Moon in May 2022. What intentions did you set then ready to move on to the next stage now? Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, Sun or Rising Signs will feel this the most although we will all feel the energy to some extent in the houses those signs rule in our Birthcharts.

This Moon presents an opportunity to Release old patterns and ways of reacting. Stay flexible and open, the best response to the challenge is to reflect and identify the new paths of possibility for communication and creativity you have developed since the New Moon in Gemini May 30 2022.

Mars Retrograde brings challenges with your drive, energy and passion to a head, take a breath before reacting...misunderstandings and tension are in the air. Have you had past issues return? You are being asked to notice how you react as the old you, can you review, reflect and revise that now? What can you learn and take forward? What needs to now be left behind?

Use these few days as the Moon waxes to her fullness on the 7/8th to reflect and learn about what these 6 months have gifted to you before the cycle ends.

The Full Moon in Gemini is ruled by Mercury who has just moved into Capricorn after the party in Sagittarius. Its time to get to work, make your plans and ground them into reality. Mercury is preparing to help you with this.

To find out exactly where in your life this energy will affect you and how to manage it skilfully maximising your natal promise, consult an Astrologer.

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