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Letting Go.....The Lunar Eclipse

Have you felt the energy building between the Solar (October) and Lunar Eclipse? We have been in a strange time. The Ancients saw the Solar and Lunar Eclipses as the head and tail of the Dragon. In the between times, we are swirling in that circular energy as the head chases its tail to complete the circle.

You may have found your sleep, dreams, appetite disrupted. Midnight (or 3am) snacks anyone?

This is part of on ongoing cycle picking up themes from 1968, 1986 and 2004. You may want to look further into the Nasa Website to find out more. This Eclipse Series can be found under Lunar Eclipses Saros Cycle 136. Can you recognise any ongoing themes in your life from those years and are you building on them this year and weaving them into your growth? You may be asked to release something begun in 2004? Or have new understandings about its value in your life, and what the next stage of growth needs to be.

The energy and change may stay with you for the next six months, or for life. This would depend on the chart placement and natal aspects.

Expect themes of Security and Stability, finances, values and self worth being challenged by the new growth, the unconventional, unexpected, original. Themes of Power and Mystery, secrets coming to the light. Connecting deeply with your inner self and shining new light on your values as you evolve, feeling changed forever. You are being shown that what you thought you needed was an illusion or now has to change and grow with you.


It is Total between 10.59am and 11.42am and will be visible in the USA as they head to the polls. It is the last Total Lunar Eclipse for 3 years. It is very rare for one to fall on an Election Day, especially in a year when one also fell on the day a new Prime Minister was appointed in the UK. It does herald significant political shifts, bringing in a new era. It is not unusual for Royalty to be born on an Eclipse. King Charles, Prince William and Princess Catherine were all born on Eclipses.

It is interesting to note that Nixon won the Presidency on 5 November 1968. I am sure if I think hard enough I will be able to come up with a suitable parallel theme here!! Will this be the year that the people are able to end corruption in our politics?

This will affect Taurus and Scorpio placements the most, with Leo and Aquarius. Also, wherever you have Taurus at 16 degrees in your chart is where this energy will affect your life.

You can visit free online websites such as or if you want to enter your birth details and see your own chart.

An Astrologer will interpret this chart and pull it all together for you, this is important to identify themes, blocks, repeating patterns and also to identify future growth and healing potential.

I offer Predictive Astrology and Natal Chart Readings at

I also offer Focused Readings as well as Solar Returns which identify your themes for the year. Working in this way you can dance with the energy and co create your future with the Cosmos.

If you want to go deeper, I offer Astrocoaching packages, or single sessions. In these sessions, we use the information from your Predictive themes and Transits, your Eclipse and Solar Return and add in the Lunar Return and Mindfulness. We can break down your long term goals into manageable chunks and focus your short term steps where you have the most support, to avoid swimming upstream. Watch your obstacles just melt away!

If you have questions, I offer a complimentary 15 Minute Meeting, no charge or obligation so you can find out if I am the right Astrologer for you.

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