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The Astro Coaching Workbook Part 2 - Escaping Comfort Zones & Finding your own Chart

Updated: Apr 24

Welcome Back!

How did you get on with the Wheel of Life. Did it offer you any insights? Was there anything unexpected that you learned from it? Where in the Wheel did you feel yourself resisting giving a fully honest answer? Make a note, just for yourself of anything that comes up in response to these questions. It will give you helpful feedback.

Before we begin Goal Setting, the next step is to look at page 4 of the Workbook Escaping your Comfort Zone. Are you able to work through the questions there and see what comes up for you.

Can you remember a time when you left your comfort zone and it worked out really well for you? What went well? What did you do right? Why do you think that was so?Make a note of what happened and the answers in your Workbook. What can you learn from then that might help you now as you contemplate where your comfort zone could be holding you back?

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If you are struggling, think only of the one area in life that came up as the most important for you to make changes in your Wheel of Life. If you can, think of two or three areas that needed some changes.

It is important to identify these answers as they are often the barriers that hold you back from change. They will be the reason you hit stumbling blocks along the way. If you really want the change, this is also where you will need to start.

This month we have a Full Moon in Scorpio. This moon is ruled by Mars, an action oriented, strategic expression of the planet, perfect for planning goals. This is a great time to develop our journey having started with a New Moon in Aries.

See Claim Your Power for more information on the Astrology of this Full Moon, plus a brief horoscope for your rising sign. This will let you know what area of your life the Moon will be working with.

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