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What metaphorical seeds will you plant? Astrology of Exciting Benefic Taurus New Moon 7/8 May 2024

New Moon in Taurus: Grounding into Abundance and Rebirth Under the Sun's Gaze, with a Focus on Slow and Steady Growth

This New Moon in Taurus is offering an opportunity for planting metaphorical seeds of new beginnings focused on security, pleasure, and abundance.

New Moons represent fresh starts, new cycles, a small rebirth of the Moons phase with the Sun.

In Taurus, ruled by fun loving, sensual Venus, this energy is amplified. It's a time to connect with our senses, indulge in self-care, and prioritise what brings us joy and stability.

This New Moon stands out because Venus herself (as domicile ruler) is also in Taurus, bringing focus to the themes of pleasure, comfort, and grounding. Plus, the Moon is exalted in Taurus, meaning it operates at its highest potential, bringing a sense of ease and natural flow. We dont often see both the Domicile and Exaltation ruler present in the sign of a new moon at the same time.

Taurus is an Earth Sign, Fixed in nature and Yin or feminine meaning that the significations may be experienced internally, or in a more subtle way. Fixed signs may be known for stability, determination, and sometimes, stubbornness or tunnel vision.

This New Moon invites us to harness that fixed energy to create lasting structures and routines that support our goals.

Also present in Taurus is the separating Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. It is still within the 3 degrees of Engagement and also the next destination of the Moon, it offers a sense of expansive energy, insights, a desire to break free from limitations. This can fuel our ambition and encourage us to dream big within the realm of Taurus's focus: finances, security, and balance.

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The Moon forms a harmonious sextile with Saturn in Pisces, the Lord of Time. This brings a sense of discipline and practicality to our intentions. It's a good time to set realistic goals and create a plan to achieve them.

There's also a whole sign square to Pluto, the Planet of Transformation and Empowerment, currently retrograde in Aquarius. This aspect can bring up deep-seated desires and the need to confront any limiting beliefs around abundance and security. This offers an opportunity to release limiting beliefs we have outgrown to make room for the new.

This New Moon falls in the decan of Taurus II, associated with balance and the natural rhythms of life. This emphasizes the importance of balancing work and pleasure, align with seasonal rhythms and fertility and fecundity.

This is illustrated by Taurus II Give to Receive Card by @nicollanart

Venus and Jupiter will be coming under the beams of the Sun, before the more intense Combustion. In astrology, this is begins a journey of invisibility that leads to "cazimi," a powerful configuration that intensifies the energy of the planets involved when they are said to reach ‘The Heart of the Sun’ and join the Sun in the Throne room.

Venus is 'In Her Chariot' because she is in her own sign. This means that she rides alongside the Sun and is not harmed by the light and heat of the Sun.

However, it's important to remember that Taurus energy also signifies slow and steady growth. The worry of planning with care, a steady production and nurturing.

While the Jupiter cazimi on 18 May brings powerful potential, the true magic lies in the consistent effort and dedication that Taurus embodies.

This New Moon invites us to embrace a more sensual and grounded approach to life. It's a chance to redefine what security and abundance truly mean to us, and to cultivate a lifestyle that nourishes our soul and brings us lasting joy.

The Sister episode offers Astro Mindfulness for the Taurus New Moon if you want to explore this time more fully.

Feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts, experiences or questions.

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