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Dance with Duality: Astrology of the New Moon in Gemini 6 June 2024

Planting Seeds of Possibility

In astrology, new moons represent new beginnings, fresh starts, and the initiation of a new cycle. It's a time to make new plans, plant seeds for the future, and embrace fresh possibilities. New moons occur when the sun and moon meet in the same zodiac sign, causing the moon to be hidden from our perspective on Earth.

This New Moon occurs in Gemini's communicative and curious sign, at 16 degrees, at 12.37 PM UTC on 6 June 2024. Gemini teaches us about the Intellectual Sphere and Communication, we enjoy a beginner’s mind seeing the world with playful curiosity, learning, dissecting, and exploring new ideas. So, under this New Moon, we might feel particularly drawn to intellectual pursuits, maybe expanding our knowledge or understanding, communication, and social interactions.

Gemini New Moon: A 6-Month or 2-Week Cycle?

The Gemini new moon's influence can be viewed in two ways:

  • Short-Term (2 Weeks): Considering the moon cycle itself, the seeds you plant during this new moon will likely see some initial growth and momentum within the next two weeks, culminating at the Full Moon in Capricorn (22 June 2024).

  • Long-Term (6 Months): Gemini's energy resonates strongly with communication, learning, and exploration. The next full moon in Gemini, which occurs in six months (15 December 2024), might be a more significant marker for the fruition of your longer term plans set under this new moon. This full moon could represent a time of seeing the bigger picture, receiving feedback on your communication efforts, or even initiating collaborations related to your initial intentions.

Understanding Gemini's Duality

Gemini, which is often symbolised by the twins, is a Mutable, Air and Masculine, or Yang sign.

Mutable signs fall at the end of each season (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) and are known for their adaptability and flexibility. They represent the ability to transition and bridge the gap between different energies. They have a great ability to go with the flow and can easily pivot. However, this can mean they may struggle with completing the multiple tasks they are juggling or committing to for the long term.

Air signs are often admired as intellectual, communicative, and social. They are drawn to ideas, learning, and exchange of information. The challenge is to bring those ideas and thought forms out of the cloud and into practical, grounded form.

Gemini embodies the ability to adapt, communicate, and explore different ideas and perspectives. It's a sign that thrives on duality and seeing various sides of an issue. Gemini may often be found with multiple irons in the fire.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, curiosity, and mental agility. Mercury may be known as the Messenger of the Gods and Hermes. Mercury will be moving through the sign of Gemini at the time of the New Moon which adds some power to the ability to achieve its significations. This is because Mercury is in its home sign, or domicile, so doesn’t have to defer to a ruling planet as it would if it were placed in another sign.

This influence during this new moon emphasises themes such as Clear Communication, Learning and Exploration, and Seeking out new knowledge and perspectives. Social Connection, Building relationships and fostering connections Mental Dexterity, Thinking critically, solving problems, and adapting to new ideas.

Mercury is known as a planet of duality, without gender, Mercury travels further than any other planet, even the Moon. Mercury has access between worlds and this is why it is sometimes known as the Messenger or a Psychopomp.

The Second Decan of Gemini

This Gemini new moon also tells its own story due to its placement in the second decan. Austin Coppock offers the image for this Decan of a Hermaphrodite. The second decan of Gemini represents the reconciliation of opposing forces within ourselves.

The Second Decan of Gemini is ruled by Venus in the Triplicity Scheme and Mars in the Descending order method. This decan suggests a potent mix of Venusian charm and Martian drive combined with Mercury’s Intellectual influence.

The corresponding Tarot card, the Nine of Swords, depicts the struggle to confront difficult truths within. We see how our thoughts and ideas can become swords that cause us harm. There’s an uncomfortable feeling as we attempt to reconcile so many disparate parts of self into one congruent whole.

This is why Astrologer Kira Ryberg aptly calls this decan Complexity. Nothing is straightforward here and the nuance must be attended to. We are asked to acknowledge this difficulty in our shadow selves and see how freeing it can be to not pigeonhole ourselves into a stereotype, but to welcome the nuanced areas of life and self, where answers are not clear.

The Wild Way card by @nicallanart which is shown illustrates an Eagle soaring with a rose in its talons, inviting us to Embrace Contradictions. It reminds us that holding multiple viewpoints can be empowering. While some truths may be uncomfortable, navigating these polarities, the tension of opposites, with kindness towards ourselves can be key.

We are given the keywords: Tension between Opposites, Value of Duality, Be Kind to your Mind

The Planetary Aspects

This New Moon is part of a stellium in Gemini. A Stellium is created when 3 or more planets cluster closely together in a sign. This blends their significations and creates a focus on that area.

The two Benefic Planets Jupiter, the Planet of Generosity, Growth, Faith, Wisdom and Order and Venus Love, Beauty, Peace, Balance and Joy are joining Mercury and the New Moon in Gemini.

They amplify the potential for growth and connection in ways that support us, but may also expand some of the less welcome forms of communication, such as deceptive scams, misuse of AI etc. Notably, Venus shares the exact degree (16 degrees Gemini) with the new moon. Some astrologers consider this a Cazimi placement, signifying a deep connection with the Sun's life-giving energy of renewal and purpose, it is known as being In the Heart of the Sun. This indicates a death and rebirth of Venusian themes in this area of your chart like love, creativity, balance and diplomacy during this cycle, most likely concerning your themes of the Intellectual sphere of Gemini. The New Moon benefits from this Cazimi of Venus blending her Loving Kindness and pleasure-seeking with Mercury’s curious fascinations.

Mercury, Gemini's ruler, is also present, in Domicile which means it is easier to manifest the significations of the New Moon with Mercury’s dignified assistance and oversight. This suggests clear communication and a strong mental focus to navigate the complexities of this decan.

Mercury escapes the "combustion" effect from being too close to the Sun. While he is in his sign this is known as in His Chariot, as though he were riding in a side Chariot with the Sun, protected from the harm of the burning heat and rays.

The Moon's Dance: Challenges and Opportunities

The new moon is, however, challenged by applying to a square from Superior Saturn in Intuitive, Watery Pisces. Saturn, the Lord of Time, can bring restriction, and responsibility or show us our limitations. Saturn can also offer pragmatic foundations and show us what isn’t working, to help us review and rewrite our plans. This aspect might bring up feelings of doubt or limitations, but it can also encourage us to be realistic and responsible as we move forward.

Squares are of the nature of Mars, the Warrier planet of passion, heat and action. You will be asked to take action or resolve some tension to benefit from the lessons of pragmatic Saturn.

The Moon also forms a harmonious trine with retrograde Pluto, Planet of Empowerment and Transformation in innovative, rebellious and cool, Airy Aquarius. Trines are of the nature of Jupiter (expansive, generous, bringing order). This trine may offer a chance to transform ourselves by embracing contradictions and pushing past limitations. However, Trines with Pluto can be known for hitting differently, so be prepared that you may be shown an aspect of your shadow, or unconscious self that it is time now to acknowledge. Sometimes it is time for a situation that is disempowering to end and for you to become aware that a clean slate is needed. It would be wise to pay attention to what you are being shown from your unconscious, for example in dreams, or meditation at this time.

Finally, the moon is flowing forth from a sextile to the North Node in Aries and a trine to the South Node in Libra. This suggests a fated element to this new moon. The seeds we plant now have the potential to blossom into something significant on our life path.

May this New Moon offer you a path forward, journey with courage, curiosity, and an open heart.

Please also check out the sister episode Cloudy Transmissions - Astro Mindfulness for the New Moon in Gemini if you want to explore this time more fully.

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