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New Moon in Aquarius (21 January 2023) and Caroline of Brunswick, "The Injured Queen of England"

Updated: Feb 15

What could possibly connect our New Moon in 2023 with a Queen of the United Kingdom who was never crowned, lived 200 years ago and left a dying wish to be known as The Injured Queen of England.

Caroline, Princess of Wales by Sir Thomas Lawrence, 1798

Caroline of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (Caroline Amelia Elizabeth 17 May 1768 - 7 August 1821) was Queen of the United Kingdom and Hanover from 29 January 1820 until her death in 1821. She was the estranged, exiled wife of King George IV.

He rejected her publicly upon their meeting, was already married to another (however that lady was deemed unsuitable as a Roman Catholic), Parliament exiled her, she was even humiliated and physically refused entry to her husbands coronation and died a few weeks after. Their only daughter died in childbirth. She returned to Brunswick for burial, but not without controversy, there were riots as her husband refused permission for her coffin to be carried through the city of London. The people, who supported her, barricaded the planned route to demand her last honour. She became Princess of Wales upon her marriage, from 1795 to 1820.

It is easy to draw parallels with our current Royal scandals, we had our own Princess of Wales whose husband loved another, who did not conform to the rules, and who asked to be remembered as the Peoples Princess. Much of the current fallout can be traced back to that ill fated marriage and the rights and wrongs of the subsequent separation and divorce.

We are looking at another Coronation where the Royal Family Guest list is more widely discussed than any other detail. I would suggest, looking into Queen Caroline's history that some of her actions, such as her love of dancing half dressed, may still be judged shocking for a Princess and Queen even 200 years later. However, she showed a very humanitarian side which endeared her and made her popular with the people, where her husband was not. She did not go quietly as the Establishment expected and she fought back at every turn.

There was no surprise, when I finally found her natal chart to see a strong Taurus stellium, merged with Venus and Mercury in her 7th house of Relationships. She couldn't be anything other than her own individual unique self, strong, assured, determined. It showed in everything she said, who and what and how she loved. This wasn't a lady who would accept rejection from her husband quietly and comply with society's norms. She would fight back when George IV attempted to divorce her on the grounds of her adultery through Parliament. She had public support and there was a lack of evidence, so the attempt ultimately failed. In fact, after the attempt to push through the divorce legislation failed, Parliament began to review the inequity of the divorce laws favouring the husband. Her character echoes down the years and calls to us now asking for her story to be retold and rethought. We could identify her as one of the early, possibly unwilling, icons of Feminism.

The Trial of Queen Caroline 1820 By George Hayter - Scanned from the book The National Portrait Gallery History of the Kings and Queens of England by David Williamson, ISBN 1855142287., Public Domain,

I also looked at her Predictive Charts for the current date of the New Moon in 2023. Anaretic (critical) degrees confirmed why I felt drawn to do this work for her. Her Solar Arc Chiron at 0 degrees of Sagittarius in the 2nd House, shows an opportunity for a new expansive healing at a higher esoteric level to her wound of self worth. Transiting Jupiter is activating her Progressing and Solar Arc MC in Aries bringing Public awareness again to her cause and her story and the way she can be of service to us. Her Progressed Ascendent is at 0 degrees in Leo, right at the Zenith of her chart. A new cycle in public consciousness, this is her moment to shine authentically and offers a chance to retell her story. I could happily write a book analysing her Natal chart and her current Astrology , but I don't have the room here and I don't suppose you have the time to read it! I invite interested Astrologers to draw the other many relevant connections.

So what does this have to do with our current Astrology?

I will look first at the New Moon approaching in Aquarius on 21 January 2023, at the Great Conjunction of Jupiter with Saturn and finally Pluto moving which is providing the link of the 200 year cycle. Queen Caroline and the husband who rejected her King George IV presided over the start of the cycle and King Charles, the King who also rejected his Princess of Wales for another, will be crowned at the conclusion. What perfect symmetry Astrology gives us.

This New Moon in Aquarius falls in the House of Fun, Romance, Creativity and Children for the collective. It is ruled by Pragmatic, practical Saturn, setting sensible limits and making sure that fun is productive and has purpose. It has supportive, friendly Sextiles to benefic Jupiter, bringing Justice and Expansion from Relationships. It meets Transformative, life changing Pluto for the last time in Capricorn, for our lifetimes anyway. Pluto will strip away anything that is no longer working for us, it will force through necessary change when we are resisting. It will ultimately empower you to find your best self. This will be some closure of whatever Pluto has been empowering for you in Capricorn, you have released all that was necessary and are ready to move on, lighter now. The New Moon Trines the newly Direct Mars in Gemini and has a healing Quintile to the wounded healer Chiron in the deep, transformative 8th House with Aries fresh energy.

This could be Queen Carolines last throw of the dice in seeking Justice from her doomed relationship and the many wrongs she endured, including a humiliating investigation after she adopted children in need, bringing her joy. The gossips preferred to believe those children were her own, and so her private life was raked over, but of course, no evidence against her was found.

The 'new seeds' you plant now in your life, decisions that you make and fresh starts that you make now will be important and have the potential to be transformative, healing and to take your life in new directions. Whatever has been released in the last 6 months has been preparing you for this time. If you can see where this energy is taking you and work with it, you will find it more comfortable. Relax and have fun, let your creativity flow and see what possible future it is showing you. Mars has the focus and drive to support you in making the necessary change, but for now, you are just surveying the possibilities before you. Aquarius shows you the big picture, out of the box, no limits so don't restrict your dreams right now. Look at what calls to you, play with the possibilities and take your first, baby steps towards that dream.

And what of Queen Caroline and the Great Conjunction? How does it link with this New Moon?

The Great Conjunction is a cycle between Jupiter and Saturn where they meet in Conjunction on average around every 20 years. For us, the last Great Conjunction was in 2020. It signified an important global event that none of us will ever forget, the first year of Pandemic, Lockdowns, Masks, Vaccines and all the misinformation that tore society apart with it. It was the first Great Conjunction where both Jupiter and Saturn met when they were in Air Element Zodiac Signs. It heralded an airborne virus, which necessitated innovation and fast change. New vaccines were brought forward and we found that new ways of working from home was viable for many.

The Great Conjunctions have been in a cycle of meeting for the last 200+ years in Earth signs, since 1802. 200 years was mentioned earlier? We keep coming back to that. Queen Caroline was our (Injured) Queen for the first Great Conjunction in Earth of the cycle we too experienced and have been living through, and 200 years later Queen Elizabeth II was Queen for the last.

King Charles and his Queen Camilla (who wasn't named Princess of Wales, because of the love the people had for Diana, Queen of Hearts) are now beginning the next 200 year Great Conjunction Cycle in Air as the New Moon and Pluto usher in the energy.

This New Moon is the last New Moon which will meet Saturn in his Domicile (Rulership or Temple) in Aquarius. This is where he can fully express his significations and we experience Saturnine qualities when he meets Jupiter in Conjunction. In 2020, Limits, Restrictions and Saturnine lessons dominated and were expanded on a global scale. For the next 6 weeks we will see Saturn taking his leave in Aquarius. The New Moon, plus the Sun entering Aquarius on 21 January will also close the chapter that started in 2020 and begin a new 3 year cycle when Saturn moves into Pisces in March.

Pluto demands our attention this year as he transits between Capricorn and Aquarius. Pluto makes his first visit to Aquarius March 23rd to June 11th 2023. We will get a first taste of what is to come for the Aquarius years, collectively and personally. While he is in Aquarius, he will stay

positioned at 0 degrees Aquarius, a critical, anaretic degree. This is significant because it is also the position the Great Conjunction occurred at in 2020, showing that the same themes are likely to be highlighted.

That Great Conjunction, at 0 degrees of Aquarius in 2020 was also known as a Great Mutation. This occurs when the Great Conjunctions change elements. They occur repeatedly in signs of the same element, and we went from approx 200 years of earth signs (1802) to the first Great Conjunction in air signs. There are 4 elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Earth has been pragmatic, solid, practical.

Aquarius is the sign of the future, freedom, innovation what you may call blue sky thinking.

Pluto is the planet of transformation. It brings non negotiable change which is ultimately empowering. It's a slow-moving generational planet and will be in Aquarius for about 20 years. Pluto in March completes this shift we started in 2020 into the Age of Air....or even the Age of Aquarius if you remember the song!

Pluto will take us into that new shift, changing of the guard and a renewal of structures and our way of life. We have seen these changes as the old structures are questioned around the Globe. Here in the UK, the worker strikes in almost all our public and some private services signify the old way no longer works as it should. This New Moon signifies the start of a shift to the solution.

You will most likely feel this Celestial shift too. The greatest impact will be in the areas of life ruled by the house in your natal chart that 0 degrees Aquarius falls. If you have any planets at 0 degrees, anywhere in your chart, or close by, they may be impacted, especially if it's in a fixed sign Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio, Leo.

So, there are all the connections and parallels that I found and why I believe Queen Caroline is linked to this New Moon energy. I hope that you agree that sometimes it is worth taking time out to step back and look at the larger cycles operating around us. Sometimes, even, to dive into the detail that the cycle can offer us. The previous Great Conjunctions in Air ushered in the Age of Enlightenment so I hope we can look forward to positive change as necessity forces innovation and philosophy evolves.

I just hope our Injured Queen of England finds Healing and may rest Peacefully after this closing point in her own cycle. Certainly, the next time I hear Sweet Caroline sung as our National unofficial sporting anthem, I know which, most original, Queen of Hearts I will be thinking of.

This has been a work of love and healing. I thank my friends who have supported and encouraged me to share Caroline of Brunswicks story. If you wish to support me to continue writing please consider donating

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