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The Astrology of The New Moon in Cancer: Are you Mid Journey? 5 July 2024

Navigating the Midjourney Point of a Three-Moon Story

The New Moon represents a time of new beginnings, introspection, and planting seeds for the future. Every month we get the opportunity of a fresh slate. If you are familiar with your personal Astrology Birth Chart, you can look at what House the New Moon occurs in for you individually. This will be the house with Cancer on the Cusp and it will give you an idea of what area of your life and the themes the focus is likely to be. This is especially helpful with New Moons as the nature of a New Moon is that we cannot fully ‘see’ yet. We are asked to trust and proceed anyway, albeit patiently and cautiously.

The New Moon in Cancer will be at 14 degrees on July 5th and is a significant mid-journey point within the story of Three Moons. I feel that is is framed by the Full Moons in Capricorn, the first at 1 degree in June and the second at 29 degrees on July 21st. This sequence, that spans all of Capricorn and touches the mid point of Cancer offers a narrative of growth, culmination, healing and renewal, linked to the themes of safety, security and nurturing together with how we balance those needs when we venture out in the World. What lasting structures we desire to create, a legacy we may wish to leave, our aspirations and the rest we need to create that vision in a healthy way.

Understanding New Moons

New Moons occur when the Moon meets the Sun in its cycle, blending their energies and initiating a new cycle for the Moon. The Moon is unable to reflect the Sun’s light at this time and this is why it is seen as a moment of rebirth, the old skin has been discarded in the preceeding dark moon phase, and a new, tender skin begins to form. This phase is ideal for setting new intentions, planning new projects, and reflecting on personal goals. This is particularly effective when they relate to the themes of the Sign the New Moon occurs in.

We may view this as different cycles unfolding within larger cycles. A shorter 29.5-day cycle, as the Moon completes her journey around the zodiac, or look to the longer cycle of 6 Months. What was illuminated for you at the last Full Moon in Cancer on 27 December 2023 at 4 degrees, and what have you needed to release since then? Also, looking forward to what you will grow in the 6 months ahead until the Full Moon in Cancer on 13 January 2025 at 23 degrees of Cancer.

There is also another, even longer story that plays out just after the degree that the New Moon occurs in. This is called the Moon Family as outlined by Dietrich Pessin in Lunar Shadows III. If you begin a major Longer term new project around this time, you may expect louder turning points as it progresses around the dates of 5 April 2025, first Quarter Moon, 3 January 2026 Full Moon and 3 October 2026 Last Quarter Moon. This would usually experienced by people if this current lunation is in a close aspect to a planet in their natal chart making it personal to them.

The New Moon in Cancer at 14 Degrees

This New Moon in Cancer is particularly exciting to me as it is exactly conjunct fixed star Sirius (at 14.21 degrees Cancer). Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, has been revered by many ancient civilisations for its spiritual power and significance. Known as the Dog Star, it is part of the constellation Canis Major. If you wish to connect with this star at this time, maybe in a New Moon ritual, the gemstone that represents it is Beryl and the plant is Juniper or Mugwort.

Sirius: The Brightest Star

Sirius holds great spiritual power and offers the potential for fame and success, though it can also bring turbulence and challenges. This star is linked to magic and intense creative power, suggesting that great risks can lead to great rewards. The influence of Sirius invites us to tap into a deep and hard-earned understanding of the universe, embracing the journey towards enlightenment and profound insight.

Berndadette Brady (in Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars) says that in mythology, Canis Major is one of the hunting dogs of Orion, guarding the gates of another world. The heliacal rising of Sirius, sometimes popularly known as the Lion's Gate, occurs around August 13th and is historically associated with the rising of the Nile in ancient Egypt. This event symbolises the transition from the mundane to the sacred, emphasising the potential for immense success and the caution that such success may come with significant challenges. Historical figures like Abraham Lincoln and Diana Spencer, both born with Sirius prominent in their charts, exemplify how this star can bestow a form of immortality through their enduring legacies.

Abraham Lincoln was born on the day that Sirius culminated as his Venus set. It is interesting, at least to me and I hope to you too, that as I was taking a break from this writing, I saw this post shared on Social Media by fellow Astrologer Empress Atlantis, it was originally from Pop Crave. It is as though Sirius is drawing our attention to his story and his ideals at this critical time for the USA. The past is speaking to the present if you have an eye to watch for the omens.

Bernadette Brady said (in Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars) “Lincoln is a typical Sirius figure. He strove to achieve a dream, the freedom of all people, and indeed he succeeded at that goal only to lose his life”

With Sirius we often see how the ‘Mundance becomes Sacred’ through the small, daily actions in our lives which may have a greater impact than we anticipate.

The Nature of Cancer

Cancer is a cardinal water sign ruled by the Moon. This signifies Lunar themes of initiation, emotional depth, and intuition. Water can also hold Memories and can attune us to our feelings that we may struggle to verbalise, just a ‘knowing’ that you can trust. Cancer has a Yin, or feminine, quality, embodying receptivity, nurturing, and a drawing within, even though as a Cardinal sign it is asked to express itself through action.

Just as we see with the symbol of Cancer, the crab, with the external hard shell of its home and the vulnerability of the soft inner tissue when it retreats. It can navigate both water and land and disappear quickly below the sand to find safety.

The Cardinal Signs are known as the ‘hinges’ or pivot points of the year. This is a place where seasonally we see a significant shift. In Cancer we welcome the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, marking the longest day of the year. From this point onwards, although we continue to enjoy the heat and light of the summer months, we know that the Suns light is fading and we are reminded that these days of Summer are limited in number. This is the shift that Cancer signifies.

Cancer was also known by the Ancients as the Portal of Mortals, the ancients believed that it was the Moon who transferred Spirit into Matter on Earth through this portal of Cancer. The Ruler of Cancer, the Moon is known as the translator of light, as she reflects the Suns light and acts as a mirror. You may wish to contemplate what is being shown to you in the reflective mirror of Cancer at this pivotal time of the year, and what is shifting?

Moon in Domicile

The Moon in Cancer is in its domicile, or home sign, where it is fully able to behave naturally and enact all of its significations. It does not need to answer to another ruling planet with a differing agenda.

We see the Moon's natural qualities of emotional sensitivity, nurturing, impermanence, materiality, devotion and intuition enhanced here. Jupiter, the exalted ruler of Cancer is currently in Gemini which means it has no line of sight to this New Moon and cannot assist. However, Jupiter also brings its significations of abundance, wisdom, faith, trust and hope to Cancer.

This New Moon falls within the bound of Mercury in Leo, indicating a time for heartfelt communication and authentic creative expression. Mercury's lack of sight (from Leo) to the Lunation, plus Mercury’s placement newly emerged from Under the Beams of the Sun suggests that these messages may be new information to us, and may not be easily accesible. To some extent, we are operating in the dark, by the light of the Moon without the oversight of either Jupiter or Mercury.

Cancer Decan II : The Sanctuary

This New Moon falls in the second decan of Cancer, a realm described by astrologers with themes of protection, sanctuary, and emotional security. This Decan is co-ruled by Mercury in Descending Order and by Mars in the Triplicity Method.

  • Wild Way Oracle Deck Astro Artistry Refers to this decan as the "Sanctuary," where Cancer II Otters build bonds and protect their intimacy within their special space.

  • Kira Ryberg: Protection - Highlights the protective nature of this decan, emphasizing the need to foster relationships, passions, and projects within secure boundaries.

  • Austin Coppock: Describes it as the "Walled Garden," a place where one can cultivate personal growth and emotional well-being while secure and protected.

  • Tarot Symbolism: 3 of Cups: Represents celebration, collaboration, community, and the nurturing of close connections

Astrological Aspects

The New Moon in Cancer at 14 degrees forms several significant aspects, this gives us more information and insight to its meaning and how it may manifest.

Co-present with benefic Venus, bringing her laughter-loving energy of peace and harmony. We find Venus in the Bound of the Exalted ruler of Cancer, Jupiter so this doubles up on the Benefic energy that is present in Cancer at the time of the New Moon. Venus is newly emerged from harmful Combustion, but remains Under The Beams of the Sun until later in July. We won’t fully understand her new benefic significations and story for us yet, although we may still be experiencing the upheaval of her death and rebirth journey.

Sextile from Superior Mars and Whole Sign Uranus: This aspect provides dynamic energy and innovative potential, encouraging bold actions and groundbreaking ideas. It can be disruptive, risk taking or confrontational, but offers support to the New Moon to bring through in new projects.

Square to the Nodes: Highlights fated decisions and karmic paths, urging us to align with our higher purpose and navigate pivotal moments with wisdom. The square can be a moment of challenge or course correction on your journey.

Trine from Saturn: Offers stability and discipline, supporting the implementation of long-term plans and the manifestation of dreams through practical efforts. This is an aspect of ease and comfort.

The Journey of Three Moons

The Full Moon in Capricorn at 0 degrees in June marked a time of illumination and culmination, revealing the foundations we have built and the areas still needing adjustment.

This New Moon in Cancer at 14 degrees invites us to plant new seeds, focusing on emotional security and nurturing our inner world. We are asked to check they align with our dreams to build on our foundations and that we have all the support in place we may need.

The upcoming Full Moon in Capricorn at 29 degrees on July 21st will bring the themes of this cycle to a final point of completion and closure, allowing us to integrate the lessons learned and move forward with renewed clarity.


This New Moon in Cancer calls us to ensure our sanctuary within ourselves and our lives is fully stocked, fostering our emotional well-being and nurturing our closest relationships. The influence of Sirius offers both magical opportunities and challenges, reminding us that great success often requires consistent effort and resilience. As you navigate this lunar cycle, it is best to embrace the journey with an open heart, ready to see the sacred in the mundane.

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