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What's Going On? 3 Major Shifts this Week Hybrid Eclipse, Taurus Season and Mercury Retrograde.

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

This week started with a very rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse in Aries, the energy was building days before and people were literally asking me What's Going On? In the UK, I set an alarm to watch the live stream at 5 am on the 20th before going back to a deep sleep.

I woke up to Taurus Season work to do. Immediately after the eclipse at the 29 degree and 50 minutes of Aries, those last 10 minutes ticked past and the Sun moved into Taurus. Heralding the season of growth and lush abundance. I know that tomorrow, the 21st we move from being in the shadow to experience Mercury Retrograde.

The grass is always greener where it is watered. How true is this for you?

In this season of stability, we are offered a chance to slow down, ground ourselves into the earthiness of our environment and reconnect with our priorities. What is important to you? Is your attention and time focused and in line with your values and priorities or do you allow distractions to allocate your time resources for you? Use this time to reevaluate and ensure that YOU are in charge, not the distractions that you allow in.

There is some disconnect, or a blind spot this Taurus Season as Venus is in Gemini, in Mutual Reception with Mercury in her Temple, but she can't 'see' them by Whole Sign House. This means that we can expect the unexpected from this usually stable and fixed season.

Uranus is co-present with the Sun and Moon applying to him and Mercury preparing to Retrograde away. The North Node is co-present in this stellium of planetary energy carrying forward the energy of the Aries Solar Eclipse. Pluto is in a Superior Square bringing in Aquarian transformation. If all that wasn't enough, we have a sensitive Mars in Cancer, who ruled the Eclipse, forming a supportive sextile, this can bring family matters to a head or a crisis point.

Those of you who have been able to address the conflict or tension, rather than running or hiding from it, maybe for the first time, well done! You have found the Aries strength inside you, your inner true self. It is so important that your loved ones can accept you for the truth of your real self so that you can finally drop that mask that has become so heavy and such a burden. You can only grow in confidence and strength from here.

The message of this season is to slow down, smell the roses! Luxuriate in the senses that the garden offers you. Take time to absorb all that your environment offers you. Notice every small detail, be in the moment, this is your life and you are living it in the present moment.

Mercury is the second fastest of the planets, only the Moon moves faster. Mercury reaches the parts of our galaxy that other planets in their orbit simply cannot access, for this reason Mercury became known as The Messenger of The Gods.

When Mercury Retrogrades, the Cosmos is calling to us to slow down. Mercury rules our Intellectual Processing, our mind, our conversations, how we recieve, process and understand information. How we communicate with others, how we use technology to communicate, how we read and write, all the messages we send and receive.

When we are confident and secure in our perceptions of the world and how we reach out to others and are understood and how others understand us, that belongs to Mercurys domain. When that process is disrupted, our mental health may suffer and Mercury, who is at heart a trickster, may have a hand in in it. Try and embrace his tricks and laugh with him, share his joy at his cleverness catching us humans out.

It is for this reason, that rest is built in to his orbit. We cannot always be moving directly forward at full tilt. The Cosmos is infinitely wise and fallow periods are naturally inbuilt. The Ancients knew and respected this, however, our modern world has been built to worship Capitalism, not the ancient Gods and thus we ignore these natural breaks at our peril.

When Mercury slows in the sky, we find our intellectual processing slower and maybe harder, we are entering the Mercury Retrograde Shadow. This is our sign to slow down and take that break. When he turns retrograde as he does from 21 April to 15 May 2023 this is a time when Astrologers advise us to avoid travel, signing contracts or agreements, including marriage. In fact, you can proceed with these, but be prepared for delays and problems, last minute cancellations and other minor irritations if the planned activity isn’t cancelled. It is advisable to allow extra time to double check all the details of everything you put your name to in this time.

This all adds to the stress of attempting to Keep Calm and Carry On. If you are already under any mental health stress, the extra strain of the technology hiccups and distractions of this time could possibly be the final straw to worsening mental health or leading to a crisis. Someone could be just about managing to keep their life moving while Mercury is direct, but once these obstacles seem to appear out of nowhere, be aware that it can start to feel personal.

The best advice is to be conscious of this energy and to do what you can to protect both your energy and your mental health. Use this time to stay in tune with natural planetary rhythms as far as modern life allows. If you can, journal or meditate to work on as many “Re” words as possible, Reflect, Revise, Revisit, Replan, Restrengthening, Repeat, Recover…you get the idea! Some great insights into your personal process can arise in this time if you are willing to sit with it and slow down. Clear the decks a little wherever you can. Mercury can get a bad rap, but this is happening for our benefit and for our mental health. Try and seize the opportunity.

Mindfulness can really help here as well. Mindfulness helps focus the mind in the present moment, rather than allowing thoughts to ruminate heavily on either the past or the future, both of which are beyond control. Mindfulfulness can be more accessible for some than meditation, it doesn’t need a silent environment or a special pose. Just the willingness to keep practising, and to set aside a few minutes every day to commit to doing so.

Mercury Retrograde may impose this slow down on you with the delays and breakdowns that can often be associated with this time. It's not a time to push forward. Notice signs and synchronicities, tune into your dreams. Be prepared to release old patterns that no longer work for you. Embrace the slower pace, it is the Universes natural rhythm.

Be kind to yourselves, and to others.

To find out more about where in your life this energy will affect you and have a consultation about how you can manage the change skilfully, maximising your natal promise, I can guide you further if you book a reading.

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I can empower you to manage change more skilfully to reduce stress and anxiety. I can help if you want to make more conscious choices, release old patterns and meet challenges drawing on all your capabilities. Try an Introductory Consultation now at no cost to answer any questions and see if I am the right Astrologer for you.

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