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Not all Astrology days are Equal-Cardinal Cross, Venus Retrograde, Leo Season & Lunar Nodes

There are times in Astrology when several significant events converge, bringing our attention and focus to that time. Its like there are several big, red arrows in the chart saying Look Here!!!

This weekend is one of those times. What these celestial convergences may mean for you can only be interpreted by a consultation with an Astrologer, but we can use history to give us clues. Although, of course we won't have had the convergence of events that we have this weekend.

So, what is happening. Well of course you are likely to have heard about Venus Retrograde if you follow Astrology. This is not a rare occurrence, her last Retrograde was December 2021 to January 2022 in Capricorn. The last time she was Retrograde in Leo was July 25 to September 6 2015.

If you want to know more about what to expect, think about whether you can remember any significant themes from that time. If you can, although the details, people and events may change, the themes may remain.

Leo Season, well that comes around every year of course. The reason it is important is because the Sun is one of our Luminaries in the Solar System. The Sun and Moon represent Universal themes in our Astrological Charts. When the Sun returns home to his Temple, he is said by the Ancient Astrologers to be in his Dignity. He is better able to enact all of his Solar significations, to empower our life purpose and shine his light into our Chart and our lives so we can see better where we are on our life journey. This gives us the opportunity to course correct, if needed. We can renew our commitment or find new purpose when the light is brighter. I hope the light will support you and guide you forward.

However, before the Sun reaches Leo, today, the 22nd he passes through the 29 degree of Cancer, where we had the New Moon at 24 degrees last week on 17 July when the Moon was also in her Dignity. It is this 29th Degree, known to astrologers as the Anaretic degree, the final degree of every sign which creates the Cardinal Cross pattern in the Chart. The Sun will be opposite Pluto, retrograde in Capricorn, where Venus was last Retrograde. Both Pluto and the Sun are Square to the Nodes of the Moon in Aries and Libra. These moved on the day of the New Moon last week, creating a new cycle. The nodes spend about 18.6 months (~1.6 years) in each sign. Rudolf Steiner has spoken about the “cosmic breathing” – a rhythmic time cycle of 18.6 years that expresses itself via the lunar nodes movement. This new Cycle of 18.6 years began anew this July.

Astrology Chart showing Pluto at 29 Capricorn, Sun at 29 Cancer, North Node at 29 Aries, South Node at 29 Libra. They form a Cardinal Cross shape in the chart.
Astrology Chart for 22 July 2023

So what can you do?

It is worth taking some time out to align with the energy of this time. Pluto signifies empowerment and catharsis. So as the Sun shines a light into Plutos dark corners, we are offered the wisdom from the subconscious parts of our life and patterns with some understanding and insight. Similar to lifting a rock on the beach to see what life exists under in the dark and damp, the secrets are given sudden illumination.

The square from the nodes tell us that although challenging, this is important knowledge for us to integrate. This is Karma to process on our life journey and take forward into the next cycle, it is our free will choice to face this or not. Also, take some time to reflect on the 18-19 year cycle in your life. Where were you before, what changes have you seen and how have you grown? What do you want to keep in your life and what have you outgrown? What problems have been repeating that you now feel called to face? Are you ready to make that change or is it a slower change, a process? With Pluto, often the only way out is through. Through the pain or the challenge presented. However, Pluto ensures we come out empowered. You find out new things about yourself, strength or inner resources you didn't know you had.

The New Moon AstroMindfulness exercise may help you with this.

You may also want to try out or revisit the exercise on Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn.

To find out more about where in your life this energy will affect you and have a consultation about how you can manage the changes, maximising your natal promise, I can guide you further if you book a reading. I will translate your personal placements of the celestial symbols in your individual chart using a combination of Hellenistic and Modern Astrology.

Natal and Predictive readings are available with a 15% discount when you subscribe to my email list to receive this blog regularly. I also offer Follow Up Focused Readings to my clients and AstroCoaching if you want to set goals to work with Lunar and Solar energy, to align the astrological energy and your natal promise to achieve those goals, in flow and with ease.

I can empower you to manage change more skilfully to reduce stress and anxiety. I can help if you want to make more conscious choices, release old patterns and meet challenges drawing on all your capabilities. Try an Introductory Consultation now at no cost to answer any questions and see if I am the right Astrologer for you.


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