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Nurturing Cancer Full Moon-A time for Stillness, Reflection and Healing

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

This Cancer Full Moon brings Sensitive healing energy as cycles complete and renew. The Moon completes the cycle of the seeds you planted with the Cancer New Moon 6 months ago and begins a 6 month cycle until the next Cancer New Moon. You can also release and begin a 2 week cycle of intentions until the next New Moon In January in Capricorn.

Rest in the stillness. With Mars and Mercury Retrograding there is nothing to be moved forward. Release any fear of success or healing. Chiron, the Wounded Healer is squaring the Full Moon bringing energetic heaviness and tension. Lean into this and see what lessons from you past are being offered. Reflecting back with gratitude in the present and detachment may help you open your path to the future.

Connect to your ancestral roots for strength and support, this healing can flow both ways. Your ancestors have helped make you who you are, you can benefit from their strength and wisdom. Connect also with your Higher Self. Subconscious healing may be offered, as well as guidance at this time.

This is a time to turn inwards, even if this means addressing your shadow. If you can heal and release, this will enable you to move forward feeling lighter.

Like the Cancer Crab, stay protected by your shell (or Chariot) while your inner self is sensitive, vulnerable, healing and soft.

This Moon completes a 6 month cycle and brings in energy for your next cycle which will renew in 6 months at the Cancer New Moon.

To find out exactly where in your life this energy will affect you and how to manage it skilfully maximising your natal promise, consult an Astrologer.

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