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Pisces New Moon - A Cosmic Reset "You are not a drop in the ocean but the ocean in every drop"

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

Step into the dreamy, enchanted energy, connected with all-that-is and regain your power. You have all the resources you need inside.

The New Moon in Pisces on 20 February 2023 at 7.07 am (GMT) offers a time for a Cosmic Reset as you reach the completion of the Astrological Cycle. This occurs at 01 degrees of Pisces, an Anaretic degree bringing increased focus and energy. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius as well as Pisces placements are most likely to feel this energy, as well as those with planets at 01 and 28 degrees of their charts.

Take the opportunity to set new Intentions as you reflect on and absorb all the lessons you have learned, the challenges you have mastered in the last Astrological year. Go within, Neptune is in his domicile in Pisces, offering deeper connections with our intuition, imagination, spirituality and dreams. He can also bring illusions and confusion so stay grounded, double check plans and clean your rose tinted glasses!

You may wish to journal to ensure that you take your success, joys and highs forward, and prepare to release the outgrown with consciousness and gratitude for the lessons.

Maintain strong boundaries as your energy blends with others and emotions may feel overwhelming. Pisces is the embodiment of the quote from Rumi:

"You are not a drop in the ocean but the ocean in every drop"

Stay conscious of your own boundaries, ensure they are healthy and support you and your community, and look after your own drop. That's enough, it contains your whole ocean, just breathe. This is your power and once you realise this the helplessness sometimes experienced with Pisces dissipates.

Listen to your intuition, you know your limits. Saturn is Conjunct this New Moon at 28 Degrees bringing in lessons, limits and boundaries. The work you do now may be karmic and crystallise and support your long term plans.

Aspecting the South Node by trine also brings some ease into past issues that return for resolution now before you move on. Look carefully, are you being shown the way forward?

Dive into your creativity, this New Moon brings new inspiration, creativity and depths of imagination. Whatever inspires you, create from your heart centre.

Keep grounded, practice Mindfulness, Meditation or any other spiritual practice that appeals or suits you, it's a good time to learn these skills now.

Your dreams may also become more vivid, pay attention to their messages. You may wish to keep a dream journal, particularly at this time. Set an intention to remember your dreams before you fall asleep, and then note the themes when you wake up. They may contain clues from your subconscious to guide you forwards on your path.

This is a liminal time of closing of many cycles, while we step onto the threshold of the new. Pluto is at an anaretic degree in Capricorn, tying up the loose ends of his time there since 2008. What has changed in your life since then? Can you see themes in the problems and challenges coming up now that relate back to this chapter? How can you also help to tie up the loose ends? Think about themes in your life relating to Earth, grounded stability and security, ambition, security and enduring structures.

Saturn is completing his time in Aquarius since December 18 2020 and will move on March 8 2023 into Pisces. Ask yourself similar questions about that time period and the themes in your life relating to Air, the realm of thoughts, technology and independence.

This is a time when you have the potential to make an evolutionary leap forward in your self development. Tune into the Universal Energy.

This Moon begins a 6 month cycle as well as completing the Astrological year before it begins anew in Aries. Set intentions now for the lunar month and for the next 6 months which will reach fulfilment at the Pisces Full Moon.

To find out exactly where in your life this energy will affect you and how to manage it skilfully maximising your natal promise, consult an Astrologer. You can also create your own chart on free websites like and to see where the energy will affect you.

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I empower women to manage change in their life more skilfully to reduce stress and anxiety. I can help you if you want to make more conscious choices, release old patterns and meet challenges drawing on all your capabilities.


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