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Take Inspired Action - Virgo Full Moon - 7 March 2023

This Full Moon is asking you to look to where you can take inspired action if you are ready to upgrade to the next level for the new Astrological year. The full moon is opposite the Sun in Pisces and the energy is pulled between the conflicts of spiritual, dreamy, ethereal Pisces emotion and practical, pragmatic and grounded Virgo ready to get organised. How can you take your inspiration, ideas and empathy and put them to the best practical use in your life? Nothing will come of your dreams until they are born into the material world and this Moon offers the opportunity to Manifest all you have been nurturing.

You don't have to create the whole plan, just start with the first steps, maybe make a list, place a call. Think of just one action you can take each day, each week even, to bring the dream into reality.

The Moon has challenging aspects with Venus, Mars and Neptune also bringing energy in from their rulers Jupiter, Mercury and Mars. You may find at this time you are asked to re evaluate how you care for yourself and not overlook your own needs by putting others first. Venus in Aries is just separating from her meeting with Jupiter and your needs here may have been highlighted to you.There can't pour from an empty cup and you may be so busy looking after others that you have been neglecting yourself. Release that now, only you can ensure that your Self Worth is top of the list. Can you take even just one action to redress that balance? How will others react? They may need to understand that you need to put your own oxygen mask on first before you can assist others, to borrow from the emergency landing procedure. Don't let it get to an emergency crisis, get your much needed oxygen before then. You may react faster or more aggressively than normal, be quick to apologise and reassure those who need that from you. However, the truth will out at this time.

You may have been inspired by others around you. Artistically, emotionally, spiritually these people may have come into your circle and you have found something you admire in each of them. If you feel drawn to them at this time, question if you are looking for something from others that you can actually bring out in yourself. Don't depend on others to provide it for you, its now time to look at how can you develop and bring out the qualities that inspire you in yourself? You need to recognise your own potential and not be satisfied by finding it in others. Jupiter and Neptune will support you to expand and develop this part of yourself.

There could be some block or challenge in your thought processing. You may rush to judgement, especially being hard on yourself. You can rise to this challenge by ensuring you are channeling your energy and focus positively. Find new ways to focus, for example Mindfulness, meditation or yoga. Don't allow the perfect to be the enemy of the good. Projects need to see the light of day to serve any purpose so ground them in some reality to test how they work, and this way you will learn faster. Develop a strategy that works for you. Watch out for overthinking and protect your mental health.

Support may arrive in unusual or sudden unexpected ways thanks to the trine to Uranus in Taurus. From Taurus there is a feeling of ease and beautiful, steady grounding energy being offered. Accept that supportive help however it may manifest.

Saturn is on the threshold of moving out of his rulership in Aquarius, where he has been since March 2020 into Pisces. This will happen in the hours after the Full Moon, almost like a release as he also dives into the Pisces waters from the high, blue skies. This may be a time where it becomes even harder to manifest our dreams and goals into the material. We may need to re examine our values and our capitalist society. Does it still meet our values? Is it fair to all? Which matters most, the spiritual, inner values, or our possesions and currency out in the world? Do we need to re examine those values now? Are we a drop in the ocean, or the ocean in a drop? How can we support and nurture our own community?

We are likely to learn lessons around trusting our intuition and enforcing our boundaries. This may be tested if they are not secure enough. Our Emotions may feel overwhelming or restricted, how can we support others when they are triggered? These questions may find you and answers may start to crystallise.

The highest expression of Pisces offers deep spiritual connection, inspiration, empathy and intuition. Artistic creation with many artists of all mediums having prominent Pisces placements. Working well with Saturn will open up your connection to these depths within you. Stay open to the lessons that Saturn is offering you, rather than resisting.

Release any self judgement or drive for perfection, allow yourself to dip into your intuition....and take Inspired Action.

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