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We live in Interesting Times - 5 big Shifts that happened Last Week and How best to Adjust

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

I am still reeling and processing all the events of last week, so much happened in such a short time, both in the sky, and within my home. As above, so below....

Do you need help understanding how this may impact you? What will affect your life now? What should you do? I hope you find this explanation helpful. The five dates and changes that you may still be processing are:

19 March Mercury Moves into Aries

20 March Sun Moves Into Aries - New Astrological Year

21 March New Moon in Aries - Sun and Moon both at 0 degrees, rare astrological chance of reset, fresh slate in Aries.

23 March Pluto moves to Aquarius, until 10 June, a 3 month introduction to our Pluto in Aquarius themes until 2043.

25 March Mars moves into Cancer- in his Fall until May.

19 March - Mercury leaves Pisces and his connections to Spiritual Neptune where our communication may have felt illusory, detached or otherworldly. He has had his annual review and absorbed the lessons of the past Astrological year and skipped almost unseen into Aries taking this knowledge with him. Our communications can now take on new meaning, new direction and purpose. We have renewed energy available to tap into if we allow ourselves. Dig deep, open up and allow that creative spark to flow. This is your year for initiating and starting new projects, especially if they are innovative and unique, an original idea you have created. If you have the seeds of a new idea, know that this is Astrologically supported at this time to grow. You don't have to know the whole plan yet, but do make sure that you plant the seed next week. Take a first step, however that looks. Speak it out loud, tell people, start writing the plan, make a call. Note the date that you started. Good luck! Cardinal or Tropical signs will feel the benefit of this move the most, or if you have natal planets in any of these signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn

20 March -The Sun was welcomed into Aries, marking the start of the new Astrological year with the Spring Equinox and the return of the Light.

A time to embrace Aries energy plant new seeds, start new projects. A time of new beginnings and a new stage of growth. Find your courage and be bold. Trust your creative spark and make that start...Now! The Sun joins Jupiter in the sign in the Temple of Mars so beware of taking things too far and burning out. There's a lot of fiery energy here, it will inspire and move you forward if you align with it.

If you have trouble aligning your new year resolutions in January, the Universal energy supports you to make them now. What resolutions did you try then that would be better supported now? Do it!

21 March - This was the first of two New Moons in Aries this year and this one falls at 0 degrees. The second falls on an eclipse in Aries, so this year contains powerful energy to support the new beginnings, fresh starts and a rebirth that keeps being mentioned. This energy is multiplied by being reinforced so intentionally.

If you manifest, you can confidently do so. now, and any time while the Moon is waxing to her fullness. Manifest for the next Lunar Month, the next six Months until the Full Moon in Aries brings completion and for your full Astrological year ahead. Plant new seeds of any ideas or plans that you have been nurturing. It doesn't have to be fully formed yet, a seed isn't fully formed, just plant it now in the fertile soil of the supportive Universal energy, nurture and water it as we align through the passage of the Sun and Moon through the Zodiac and the growth will happen organically.

The New Moon will meet Jupiter here, bringing our plans together. There is also healing to be done with Chiron in Aries. Recognise those parts of yourself that can be left behind as you move forward into the new cycle. You don't need to carry all that baggage with you on the new journey, leave it in your past.

The New Moon is Conjunct (next to) Mercury, offering intuitive imagination for your plans. He has gained wisdom and insight from his time in Pisces with Neptune and the way you communicate and process information may now add new layers and upgrade you to a new level of your growth and evolution. Trust the process and work with the changes.

There were challenges with a Square to Mars traveling through his last degrees in Gemini before he moved at the Weekend to calmer Cancer. He may have brought some intolerance or impatience, you may experience this or possibly from people around you.

The New Moon is departing from Neptune, but there may still be some overwhelming feelings lingering, nostalgia for the past, confusion or delusion. Check in with trusted others if you sense this happening.

Make the most of this rare opportunity. There are many ways to take the first step, even if you are not sure exactly what your plan looks like. The spoken or written word is powerful so commit verbally, write your intention, make a first call, whatever your first step looks like, take it now and then find your second step.

The Cardinal Tropical Signs, or those with planets in those signs experienced this energy boost the most, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

23 March Pluto Moves into Aquarius.....You Can, You Will, You Must..... He is the furthest outer planet that most Astrologers interpret in a natal or predictive reading. I feel so lucky to experience this transit in the first year of my career. It will be another 20 years and I will most likely be retired before he moves out of Aquarius in 2043.

Have you experienced any shifts? The energy often feels strongest at this time of the entry into sign when the Agenda is laid out.

I have already experienced some resetting of emotional boundaries and releasing. Physical too, as a delayed project on my home finally went ahead yesterday and will be completed next week.

Look at the events of this time, and up until June as setting out the Agenda for Pluto's long term plans for you for the next 20 years. Journal or note the events down somewhere, it will be useful to refer back to.

Pluto helps us gradually realise what we can, will and must do. He shows us what needs to change and empowers us to make that change. He shows us what is possible.

However, if we resist those possibilities, the urgency may change from a vision of potential, into an driving urge and finally into an inevitability as other options and potentials are removed from our path.

The best way to work with Pluto is to dance the Cha-Cha with him. Learn to recognise the potential and possibilities that he is showing you and begin to investigate. Dance lightly down the path he offers. Resistance can often be futile and lead to pain. He asks us for acceptance, surrender and release.

If you notice yourself resisting change, particularly with Aquarian themes, Group & Community issues, take time to stop, reflect and ask what you may be being shown. Is there an alternative that is better for you?

Aquarian themes include the big ideas that advance Society, studies such as Science, Technology, IT (Astrology, of course), Social Welfare and Humanitarian Concerns. Often there are evolutionary leaps forward in understandings in these areas during Aquarian times. Aquarians have the ability to bring original, new ideas down from above the clouds and ground them into reality, beyond blue sky thinking. This Advancement can come at a cost, personal growth may be alienating. Those around you may not understand, or may struggle to support your growth if it impacts them.

We will experience a new relationship with Power as Pluto moves and the energy shifts from Yang to Yin, Outgoing and Masculine in Capricorn to Receptive and Feminine in Aquarius.

We also need to look to the placement, meanings and condition of Aquarius Co Rulers for further information of the 20 years ahead.

For now Uranus is in Taurus, ruled by Venus bringing more Yin, feminine earthy, grounding energy to bring Plutos changes into reality. Uranus will move in 2026 into Gemini bringing more Air energy to match the Aquarian Air of Pluto. Gemini brings a shift back to Yang and this will be a long term transit.

Saturn, the traditional sole ruler, and modern co ruler moves faster than Uranus. Saturn is currently in Pisces where his desire to enforce boundaries and limits can be dissolved by the tides. This is a Water sign bringing emotions and feelings, intuitions and sensitivity to the fore and is Yin and receptive, feminine. Saturn will move in June 2025 to the sign of Aries where he is in his Fall. We are likely to see this shift of ruler reflected in the ability of Pluto to enact his agenda in Aquarius. The progress he achieves in the early years may be set back when Saturn reaches Aries. Retrogrades will ensure that any setbacks have another chance, and as we are currently witnessing with Capricorn, many issues get neatly tied up with a bow by the time he departs the sign.

Mars moved into Cancer 25 March at 11.46 am (GMT/UK).

Fiery Mars is in his fall in Watery Cancer where it is hard to find his expression. The Crab is Yin, she has a hard shell and moves sideways where Mars expression is direct, Yang and fiery. In the Temple of The Moon, Mars expression becomes more receptive and less outwardly aggressive.

We may find ourselves drawn to nostalgic memories, and our inner thoughts and needs may become more pressing. Family tension may rise, try to avoid any unnecessary drama, but use this time to resolve long standing issues with kindness. This is a sign where there can be sudden changes and events, so long standing issues could be resolved if the energy is used mindfully.

Watch out for and beware of passive aggressive energy and hidden problems at this time.

You may be drawn to defend your causes with more passion than normal, reevaluate your inspiration and values and ensure they are still in alignment. We can be looking for an escape, or just feeling exhaustion, so reflect before action.

You can build some solid foundations at this time, so treat any setbacks as fortuitous, have patience and keep moving forwards (or sideways!).

The ruler of Mars is the Moon so Mars has to follow the rules of the Goddess while he is a Guest in her Temple. The Moon travels fast, changing sign every 2.5 days, waxing and waning, so prepare for mood swings. We are not used to our motivation feeling such energy shifts as Mars has a much slower orbit so this may be an intense time. Stay kind to yourself and others who may be struggling to adjust, allow yourself the rest you may need, stay tolerant and allow time out. This is the shift that we are most likely to notice even if we don't fully understand why we feel this way. Mars is the ruler of Aries so there is an exchange of the energy here, and while Mars has become weakened, so too has the Aries energy lost some of its usual fire and become less driven and more reflective.

This time completes a cycle begun in August 2022 when Mars begun his extended stay in Gemini. Can you reflect and see what in your life is coming to a conclusion now and is ready for the next stage?

The signs most affected by this shift are the Cardinal, Tropical signs of Cancer, Libra, Capricorn and Aries.

That's a lot of big shifts for us to absorb in just one week. My advice to everyone would be to stay grounded, drink plenty of water and practice meditation or Mindfulness. These often help insights to come through which can't appear while our minds are busy with our daily routines. It can help to keep a journal if you track the transits to see how they affect you, this can help you to plan ahead in future. An Astrology diary is really helpful for this as the transits are already in there, and you can just make a notes when needed.

To find out more about where in your life this energy will affect you and have a consultation about how you can manage the change skilfully, maximising your natal promise, I can guide you further if you book a reading. Natal and Predictive readings are available with a 20% discount when you subscribe to our email list to receive this blog regularly. I also offer Follow Up Focused Readings to my clients and AstroCoaching if you want to set goals to work with this Aries energy and then align with the astrological energy and your natal promise to achieve those goals, in flow and with ease.

I can empower you to manage change more skilfully to reduce stress and anxiety. I can help if you want to make more conscious choices, release old patterns and meet challenges drawing on all your capabilities. Try an Introductory Consultation now at no cost to answer any questions and see if I am the right Astrologer for you.


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