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The practice of being Present, fully aware of our thoughts and observing them without Judgement

Mindfulness: Services
Soothing Bell


Align with Universal Energy

I have created unique Mindfulness exercises designed to align you with the current Universal energy. Updated regularly, these will help you stay in flow, benefitting from relaxation, and a calm mind. AstroMindfulness will also help you to recognise Universal gifts and to accept Universal challenges with a lighter, open heart.

You can align with the current energy by practising the exercises on my You Tube channel here:

or my SubStack at

Mindfulness studies have shown the same benefits and changes in the brain from a short, regular Mindfulness practice as enjoyed by regular meditators no matter how long the time spent.

A successful Mindfulness practice is one that fits YOU and your lifestyle. A short, regular practice that fits in your life is perfect if it means you can commit and do it daily.

Maybe starting with a 3 ( 5, or 10) Minute Exercise feels comfortable. Your Brain health will thank you and you will notice the changes.

Image by Aleksandr Ledogorov


By Sliding Scale Donation

Would you like to explore Mindfulness and how you could use it in your life, but not sure where to start?

This Workshop will introduce you gently to a number of Exercises which we explore together in a supportive group setting. 

You will work out what does, and importantly doesn't work for you. During this process, you have coaching support on your journey and will find yourself in a different place by the end.

8 x 90 minute sessions.

Minimum Donation £5 per session. Suggested Donation £10 per Session. Support my Work with a higher Donation to Pay it Forward and help me to Support those needing Subsidy.

Payment is required at Booking.

To Book:

Complete the contact form with a message that you wish to join the WaitList for the next Mindfulness Course. 

Note your preference of Afternoon or Evening Workshops and your timezone. Courses are usually offered at either 3pm or 7pm Universal Time on Tuesdays.

 You will be notified when the next dates become available. The Workshop meets online by Zoom in very

small groups.

Outdoor Meditation



If you wish to incorporate Mindfulness more fully into your life I can help you find how Mindfulness can help you reach your goals. Whatever area of your life you wish to change we can examine the past patterns holding you back and help you find mindfulness exercises that suit you to support you in moving forward.

Mindfulness has been shown in scientific studies to help significantly with the management of pain, anxiety, depression, weight control and many other issues.

I normally recommend a regular, short, daily practice which is manageable rather than long sessions which can become unachievable when life gets in the way. Of course, you can top up any time you wish. Establishing a core daily routine that fits your lifestyle is the key to success.

As always, I am happy to include my other services, where relevant in the session. However, if the focus is shifted significantly you may be asked to rebook (ie if we are focusing on Astrology I would need to prepare charts for you in advance).



Your Astrological Chart

Take this one step further with a recording personalised for you, or gift it to a loved one.

Choose from aligning with your Chart Ruler, Your Sun, Moon or with a planet you feel closely identified with, or to help you with a challenging transit.

I will draw up your chart to identify the choices if you are not sure and want advice.

You might choose to add to your collection so you have one for each planetary day. Personalise your form to include names or however you prefer your Mindfulness exercise to read. 

This is normally an audio recording, but you can upgrade to a video at your request, you can even supply your own images of favourite locations etc if you wish.

Please be as specific as possible with your personalisation information, for example you may prefer to choose a meditation visualisation location of a beach, forest, meadow etc. Please let me know all your preferences in advance as any preferences not communicated before recording cannot be corrected after without incurring further expense. If you do not express preferences, I use your Astrology chart for inspiration.

Outdoor Meditation



10 Minutes of your Personal Mindfulness exercise recorded exclusively for you aligned with your Individual chart.

Soothing Bell



15 Minutes of your Personal Mindfulness exercise recorded exclusively for you aligned with your Individual chart.

Meditating on the Beach



20 Minutes of your Personal Mindfulness exercise record exclusively for you aligned with your individual chart.

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