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The AstroCoaching Workbook - Part 1

Do you want to make changes in your life? It is easier to make it when the Astrology supports change in that area of your life? It also helps to postpone change that isn't supported, and Astrology helps you plan for when the time will be right. The Ancient Greeks had a word for that Kairos.

I will be writing on Astro Coaching to walk you through the Astro Coaching Workbook which accompanies my coaching groups and individual appointments. I have now made it available to paying subscribers on Substack and to Patrons on Patreon as well. It is also available for purchase here

Enjoy Part 1, made available here exclusively. If you wish to continue, consider becoming a paid subscriber on Substack. Annual subscribers receive a reading as a thank you, Founding Subscribers are invited to join the monthly Astro Coaching Group.

To make a start with your Work book at this time, take a look at the Wheel of Life. The Wheel of Life is a tool to help you better understand what you can do to make your life more balanced. Mercury is currently Retrograde, so this is the perfect time to reflect and review the big picture of your life. Please be brutally honest, as they used to say at school, the only person you are cheating here will be yourself if you are not.

Decide in which areas your cup overflows, you experience joy and fulfilment, this is your 10. 7 to 9 is near perfect, a few minor tweaks could improve matters, but you are happy with how things are.

5 like the Tarot shows some dissatisfaction. 6 means it could be better, but its ok.

We get into the work below 5. 4 needs some attention and work. The urgency of the need rises as the number lowers. 1 to 2 is that area that gives you the greatest headache, your most pressing problem areas. The ones you most want to address, where things HAVE to change and SOON! 3 is also pressing, needs attention before the 4s and 5s but you really want to prioritise 1 and 2.

I hope that makes sense? Do let me know how your picture looks when you zoom out at the picture it shows. Can you see a pattern forming. Is one problem dependent or created by another area?

What have you learned from the tool? There is room for notes and questions at the end of the workbook. Do use this space because it will be useful to review your thoughts now at the start of the process when you review and reflect further on. It is so helpful to assess progress and identify subconscious blocks.

The resistance you feel to change now, may offer you your greatest insights. If you are honest, was there one area you really would have marked lower, but didn't because you don't want to address it yet, you don't feel you can, or simply feel there is no choice? Listen to that voice inside you, it is telling you the greatest truth. Make a note, or put a ring around the number that you decided to write. There is conflict within you about that area. How would it feel to be authentic there? What would your life look like if we could raise that number? Why don't you want to address it? Sometimes we resist that which we most need to change.

I am not saying that I am pushing you to change the number. I am just asking you to be aware, now, of the resistance. It holds a message for you that is worth exploring if we are to do this work with honesty and authenticity.

Good luck with it, I hope you receive great insights.

I recommend listening to my Astro Mindfulness episodes as we move through this work. They will help align you to with the current astrology, particularly the energy of the lunations that we will be working with.

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