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Trick or Treat - Mars Retrograde

Halloween, Samhain, finds us with some very challenging Astro weather. We are in Eclipse season, in between the Solar Eclipse and awaiting the Lunar Eclipse on 8 November which will be conjunct Uranus on the date of the Mid Term Elections in the USA. Predictive Astrologers will be busy....Prepare for the unexpected.

At the time of writing, Mars is playing tricks on us too.

The Gemini Twins don't know where to put the Mars Retrograde energy as events since August are put under Review.

Mars is getting bigger, brighter and more abrasive and is there until January 12 2023. The last time Mars was Retrograde in Gemini was 2007/2008 so you may remember events from those years to compare the effects we may expect. We are invited to review, reflect upon and maybe revise our relationship with our raw anger. How can it be expressed and focused in a healthy way? Take time to think before speaking or reacting.

Our Intellectual activities may experience delays and obstacles. Stay patient, Grounded and Centred.

Gemini will feel this the most, with Sagittarius, Pisces and Virgo also feeling the energy. You may also feel it if you have planets, especially Mars, in any of these signs.

Mercury, Ruler of Gemini is also stirring up trouble in Scorpio, where mystery, strategy and secrets are the order of the day.

An Astrologer and Predictive Astrology can help you navigate these times. We start with your natal planetary placements and how they have manifested in your life. We can then look at your Progressed Moon, Your Eclipse Charts, your Solar Chart and Solar Return Charts before looking at your Transits to see how the background themes are clicked into place by planetary triggers. There is so much potential for healing and growth if you are open to this unique, personal, gift from the Cosmos and are willing to dance with the energy.

You can book online at Subscribers to the website will receive a 50% welcome discount.

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