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Welcome to Celestia Astrology, unique holistic online Astrology and AstroCoaching based in the UK.

Our times are stressful and so uncertain. Predictive Astrology can help unlock your personal unique Celestial gift. It provides a map and helps to light your path. I would love to be your Celestial translator. 

I can help you become empowered to navigate life changes more easily, make more conscious choices, remove subconscious blocks, manage anxiety and identify skills to enjoy a fulfilling life in flow.

I offer Reiki Intentions with every appointment, at no extra charge, just accept when you book.

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Welcome, I am so grateful that the stars have brought you here. I hope you find what you seek.

I am an Astrologer and Astro Mindfulness Coach based in the UK.  I can help empower you to navigate challenging times of change. 

Whatever you’re going through, you may feel stuck, if you are facing change, by choice or not, I can help you find your way forward, by drawing on your natal promise and reading your Predictive Astrological Charts.

Decades of chronic ill health made it challenging to find my Life's Purpose.  I intended to study Astrology for my own healing and personal development but the Universe gently offered a different path and asked me to share my skills.

Together we can co create your future vision, reducing anxiety and stress, in flow with Universal Energy rather than swimming upstream.

What most excites me about Astrology is its healing potential. We can work deeply with our Charts to move out of subconscious patterns that may have held us back. This frees us to then co create a future with intention, dancing with the energy of the transiting planets.

You are the expert on your life so we focus on how the planets manifest for you, and how you can move forward to where you want to be using the wisdom mapped out within your charts.

I have completed a Professional Certification in Therapeutic Mindfulness and offer Mindfulness advice and practices in my coaching. I am a Certified Wellness Coach (2016). I Certified in Modern Predictive Astrology in 2022. I certified in Hellenistic Traditional Astrology in 2023 and am continuing my studies for a further 2 years.  I use the Tropical Zodiac and Whole Sign House system for my readings.

If you don't know your birth time I can now offer a Rectification Service. Please book a 15 Minute Consultation for more information.

All appointments are offered with an optional free of charge Reiki Intention. Just tick the box when you book.

I am offering a Sliding Scale discount on my appointments. The prices shown on the website are the full prices.

If you need assistance, please email for a discount code, the website doesn't support this pricing structure yet.

If you are in a position to donate with your reading to pay it forward, to support others to receive their discount, and support me to offer more discounted appointments, please donate when you book to:

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Hello, I had a great astrology reading from Sonia. She is very kind and supportive and will go the extra mile for her clients. She was able to hone into my situation and give me sound supportive loving advice i’d definitely get more readings from Sonia.

Bal Kaur

There is a magical intuition and deep healing in the way you give readings seems to radiate right into our soul. You have such deep compassion and you truly 'hear' what we are saying!  You are both a blessing and a gift!

Jackie M

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and I believe Sonia appeared in my life when I needed help most. With a very difficult decision to make, the tarot card reading Sonia did was eerily in sync with my problem. She gave me the strength to deal with it and also predicted some big changes for the rest of the year. This is all happening now. She truly has a precious gift and a beautiful caring soul.

Cathriona O

The reading I just had with Celestia Astrology blew me away. I had no idea that so much information could be contained in a natal chart and just how affirming this knowledge could be.

Sonia did such a wonderful job explaining to me what everything meant in a way that was easy to understand and I felt comfortable immediately with her warm, conversational style. It is evident how passionate she is about her domain and it comes through with an excitement that is contagious.

Something I really appreciate is her way of educating while explaining—so that I can look at my chart myself later on and understand what I’m seeing. Really wild how it’s all there… the reason I'm drawn to this path, my struggles, strengths, wounding, opportunities. Many times I found myself asking, “How the heck could she know that?”

I came away with a feeling of empowerment that I believe will stick with me for some time. Honestly I was feeling so stuck right before this reading and now a clear path forward has been revealed.

It’s hard to explain the deep peace that comes from being seen in such a way and knowing—not only what is possible—but what is promised. I highly recommend you experience it for yourself!

Bettie N


It brings validation and peace to unlock the Universal guidance and wisdom in your personal charts. It often provides a much needed path forward and welcome clarity. Astrology can have an amazing impact on us to awaken our life goals and aspirations. 

If you have long term goals that would benefit from being broken down into a supported process I offer Astrocoaching where we will use all the Predictive readings plus monthly guidance of your Lunar Return to work with your goals. I can also include Mindfulness, Meditation Guidance, Tarot and Reiki as appropriate on request. Theres no additional charge. Its your time and we will maximise it. 

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One hour 30 mins, (up to 2 hours with questions). Online Zoom Meeting.

Offering the key to understanding your Natal Promise. 

Changing your life’s path for the better is now possible as the subconscious can be brought into your consciousness. Have you been seeking self awareness of your repeating patterns with your family, love life, relationships, finances, career, health, and so much more. 

We will look at your Sun, Moon and Rising signs. Discuss your main challenges, support and focus. How to identify and change any repeating patterns in your life. 

If you have any area of your life you would like to look more deeply at, drop a note on your Booking Form or raise it during the session.

Book online or book a free 15 Consultation to see if this reading is right for you. 

At least one hour 30 mins, but allow for 2 hrs so I can answer all your questions, on Zoom or telephone if preferred. Your charts can be emailed to you on request. 

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"Until you make the unconscious conscious,it will direct your life and you will call it fate"

Dr C Jung

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